“Ragadi rogan sathathanu shakthan ashesha kaya prasruthan asheshan Outhsukhya moha arathi dha jhakana yo apoorva vaidyaya namo asyhu thasmayia”

Obeisance be to the rare physician, who has destroyed without any resedue all diseases, like desire which are constantly inherent with and spread all over the body giving rise to anxiety, delusion and restlessness.

“Ayu kamaya manena dharma, artha, sukha, sadhanam ayurvedo upadesheshu vidheya paramadhara”

Persons desirous of long life which is the means for achieving righteousness {Dharma}, wealth{Artha}, sukha {Happiness} should repose utmost faith in ayurveda.

Ashtanga Ayurveda

{ Eight branches of ayurveda } Kaya, bala, graham, urdhvanga, shalya, damshtra, jara, vrsa

• Kayachikitsa branch which deals with treatment of diseases arising from disorders of digestive activity [Known in modern parlance as inner medicines}

• Bala chikitsa is the treatment of diseases of children {peadiatrics}

• Graha chikitsa is the treatment of diseases arising from pathogenic microorganisms and mainly with mental diseases {Psychiatry}

• Urdhvanga chikitsa deals with treatment of diseases of head inclusive of eye{Ophthalmology}, ears {Otology}, nose{Rhinology}, throat{Laryngology} and teeth {Dentistry}

• Shalya chikitsa deals with the treatment of requiring the knife {Surgery}

• Damshtra chikitsa is the treatment of diseases due to poison {Toxicology}

• Jara chikitsa also known as rasayana chikitsa deals with the treatment of diseases of old age {Geriatrics}

• Vrsa chikitsa deals with the treatment ofdiseases like impotency,sterility etc.






BAMS,Msc Microbiology.




about iha

Located on the helipad road, kurakkanni,Varkala at bout 400 metres from varkala beach. IHA Ayurveda provides elegant natural ambience for calm and cool stay. The nearby areas of IHA ayurveda consist of Janardhana swamy temple which is about 200 year old temple is just 2 km from the property . The varkala railway station and bus station is about 4 km. Where as the Trivandrum international airport is about 55 km.We also offer free pick up from the Trivandrum airport for those who stays 7 days or more.

The property consist of garden with coconut trees surrounding the building. Which makes this place a calm and cool atmosphere to stay.