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  • Yoga Retreat + Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatments

    'Citta Vritti Neroda' - 'Settling the mind into Silence' or 'quietening the internal dialogue': this is the essence of Yoga. But to achieve this we first need to explore the chatter of the mind, the noises of the body, the flow of the breath - only then can we begin to let go and just be ... if only for a while ...

    Taking time to do a focussed retreat invites us to deepen our awareness of ourselves through Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga:

    • Yama (laws of life)

    •Niyama (Rules of living)

    •Asana (postures) and Vinyasa (flow)

    •Pranayama (breathing techniques)

    •Pratyhara (Withdrawal of the senses)

    •Dharana (focussed mind)

    •Dhyana (Meditation)

    •Samadhi (settled or 'enlightened' mind)

  • Img

     Camel - Ustrasana 

  • Img

    Cobra - Bhujungasana

  • Img

    Headstand - Sirasana

  • Img

    Wheel- Chakrasana

  • We will also work with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and other yoga philosophical concepts to increase understanding of ourselves, how we interact with our wider environment and what is our spiritual connection with the universe. The area around Varkala cliff is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site that is both inspirational and calming. Pavanasam is a place of holy spring water to cleanse.

    There will be 2 sessions daily, morning and evening with an invitation to undertake self-study during the day.

    The retreat can be as challenging as you wish it to be in mind, body or spirit - it is open to experienced yoga practitioners and people who have never done a yoga class before. The style is an eclectic mix of gentle flowing Dru Yoga and Iyengar or Sivananda precision. Your facilitator will be our English friend, Deyna Hirst who has taught for 15 years and is a trained, qualified Dru Yoga teacher + Yoga therapist. For more details of her work please look at , or email her with any questions : ,for Facebook visit .

    Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga that considers your personal elemental constitution. An individual consultation with one of the ayurvedic doctors will complement our group work and help to re-balance you. Please see the 'About' section for more details.

  • dates ::

    Arrive on Sunday 15th November and retreat runs Monday 16th November - Saturday 21st November and Monday 23rd November - Saturday 29th November. Unless you are staying on you will leave the resort on Sunday. One week: 480 euros per person in a twin room

    Two weeks: 820 euros per person in a twin room. If you are staying for a 2 week retreat you are welcome to stay in your room between the two weeks but there will be no yoga or ayurvedic treatments at this time. This price includes accommodation in a twin room, food, 2 daily yoga classes, an individual yoga consultation, an ayurvedic consultation + 2 treatments.

    Any suggested ayurvedic medicines will be charged extra. You will need to organise your own flights. A pick-up from Trivanadrum International airport can be arranged.